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Oct 14

Low Employee Engagements Costs You Money

More employers choose Bharat wellness to drive employee engagement, population health, and boost morale and productivity than any other engagement platform. Low employee engagement is the biggest obstacle to behavior change, and unhealthy behaviors cost companies billions. It's time to break the cycle of low employee engagement with Bharat wellness If your objective is to drive higher employee engagement, Bharat wellness can get you there -- Guaranteed.

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Jan 15

Health Care is Expensive

Healthy employees are happy employees. Happy employees are more productive employees There's a good chance some of your employees are unhealthy. It's nothing to be embarrassed about— employers’ at large companies are paying 36% more for health care than they were 5-years ago - but it is something that can be fixed. The majority of health care costs can be attributed to fitness and lifestyle habits. Our programs lower employer medical costs, increase employee productivity.



Why Participate in Wellness?

If your employer offers a Wellness program, it can be an important and valuable part of your benefit...

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Tips for creating wellness

Employee wellness programs are becoming more turnkey with each passing year. On paper, everything is streamlined, organized, calculated and very doable ...

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Unhappy Workers Are Unhealthy Too

According to a recent Gallup study, “More than half of ‘actively disengaged’ employees say their work lives have...

Desk Rage – The Tell-Tale Signs of an Overworked Employee

According to a recent Gallup poll, on-the-job stress is cited as the number one reason for employee ...